Day Two | Learning Martial Art

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ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 拳术

A master performed martial art


The International students visited YInzhou Libaray on June 29. Not only did they admire the performance given by three masters, but also learnt martial art.


Tips: There is bonus scene at the end of the article.


ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 剑术

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 刀术

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 热身运动

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 分组学习

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 一一指导

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 课间温习

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 临别合照

ヾ(o◕∀◕)ノ - 小彩蛋

Time flew. Although it was a rainy day, we are glad you guys had fun learning martial art.


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